Meeting Lawyers expands legal consultation to Zurich in Germany

Meeting Lawyers, the digital legal consultation service catering to clients and employees of major corporations like Másmóvil, Zurich, Eulen, BBVA, Allianz, and Banc Sabadell Seguros, has announced a strategic partnership with Zurich in Germany, marking a significant step in its internationalization journey. The Spanish company will now provide legal advice to clients of the insurance giant through a team of experienced lawyers.

Claudia Pierre, CEO of Meeting Lawyers, expressed enthusiasm about commencing operations in Germany: “It demonstrates the enormous potential we have at Meeting Lawyers as a tool, proving once again that we are a solution easily scalable and reproducible in any country.” Pierre added, “Starting to work in Central Europe is another step in the internationalization process we have been following for some time.”

Meeting Lawyers stands out as the first digital legal advice solution offering chat and video call services with reputable professionals. Internationally pioneering, this platform is designed to enable any company to provide its clients or employees with access to top-notch lawyers offering immediate, uninterrupted, and unlimited advisory services (Quick Answer). The platform’s key strengths lie in the swift resolution of queries and the quality of professionals responding to inquiries in less than two minutes, enhancing the overall user experience.

To ensure an excellent user experience, Meeting Lawyers can tailor its solution to the needs of each client company. The platform offers the option to create and customize a specific app with the advisory service and the visual identity of the client company. Alternatively, it can integrate the service into the client company’s existing platform, whether in an app or on a website.

Once the client company decides on the preferred approach – creating an app or integration – Meeting Lawyers initiates the advisory service. This support primarily revolves around a chat and video call service with lawyers available 24/7, providing immediate responses to user queries without the need for prior appointments and without consultation limits.