Arqis with Franzosi Dal Negro Setti in the acquisition of Proctosedyl

The law firm Arqis, with the team of Jörn-Christian Schulze (pictured), together with the law firm Franzosi Dal Negro Setti, with the lawyers Francesco Setti and Stefano Giberti, managed the transaction of the global dossier ownership and exclusive licence to the Proctosedyl® trademark in Italy from Bayer to Karo Healthcare.

This strengthens the position of the Swedish multinational in the field of discomfort and embarrassment management. In particular, Karo Healthcare consolidates its presence in digestive health treatments.

The acquisition has been executed as an asset deal, excluding personnel and manufacturing sites, in order to reduce commercial risk and ensure a smooth integration. Karo will leverage the existing infrastructure and utilise established partners in Italy.

“This acquisition adds a reliable brand that addresses an often overlooked category with untapped potential. We are excited about the opportunity to improve access to reliable treatments for Italian consumers and add further scale and reach to our business in Italy,” says Matt Roberts, CC Rewarding expertise in life sciences and acquisitions.