About face for Juliane Kaspers: she returns to Becker Büttner Held

In the beginning of the upcoming year, Juliane Kaspers (pictured) will return as an Equity Partner to Becker Büttner Held (BBH). She had previously worked with the firm for over ten years before co-founding the Berlin-based energy boutique Aecoute in early 2023.

Becker Büttner Held, a major boutique specializing in energy and infrastructure, boasts around 350 professionals and stands as a key player in Germany’s energy sector. While primarily focused on legal advice, the firm also offers additional services in areas such as auditing and taxation.

At BBH, newcomers are a rarity. Kaspers’ return reinforces the team led by Equity Partners Dr. Markus Kachel and Ulf Jacobshagen. Prior to her departure last year, she served as a Salary Partner with the firm.

Kaspers’ expertise lies in projects related to the heating sector. Her clients, including various housing corporations and a trade fair company, seek her advice on issues related to the heat transition.

In early 2023, Kaspers co-founded Aecoute alongside Dr. Heidrun Schalle, Dr. Martin Riedel, and Heiko Lange. Schalle was previously a partner at the boutique Boos Hummel & Wegerich. Riedel and Lange also have extensive experience with Becker Büttner Held.

The boutique’s focus is on advising utilities, industries, and other energy-intensive companies, with a particular emphasis on projects related to the energy transition. The firm has announced its intention to strengthen its team at the beginning of the year.