DAUSS Abogados, for German-speaking clients in Spain, grows by 35% in 2023

DAUSS Abogados, a firm specializing in legal advice in international business law for German-speaking clients in Spain, has closed 2023 with a total group turnover of €5 million, representing an increase of 35% over the previous year. The firm has expansion plans for the coming year.

Growth of the workforce

The firm’s growth is not only reflected in its turnover, but also in the evolution of its workforce, as in the last fiscal year, the firm has recorded a significant increase in both the number of professionals and employees, with annual variations of 56.5% and 37% respectively.

“Our financial success and the expansion of our workforce are a reflection of the hard work and dedication of our entire team. After the initial phase of business consolidation, we are moving on to a new moment of almost maturity in which, however, we still have many challenges to undertake,” explains Iván Mateo Borge, partner and founder of DAUSS Abogados.

Since its founding in 2016, it has experienced sustained growth, evidenced by the opening of a second headquarters in Madrid, which it shares with its boutique specializing in energy law, SCHLAICH DAUSS, and by the expansion of the team, which has grown from just nine employees at its inception to 74, including 36 lawyers and 38 legal professionals.

New headquarters in 2024

In line with its expansion plan, the law firm has opened new offices in Barcelona. The firm’s move to its new headquarters located at Passeig de Gràcia 54, in the heart of the city, is due to the firm’s growth in the Catalan capital and marks an important milestone in its evolution.

The aim of this change is to further strengthen our presence in the city and maintain the excellence in service to our clients, with offices with a modern and bright design, with many open spaces that invite conversation and dialogue and are adapted to our needs,” explains Ivan Mateo Borge, partner of DAUSS Abogados, “The new offices are located in a modern and bright building with a modern design, with many open spaces that invite conversation and dialogue and are adapted to our needs,” explains Ivan Mateo Borge, partner of DAUSS Abogados.

The new facilities, located on a single floor and measuring 835 m2, will offer a more modern, efficient and comfortable space to the employees of the 3 companies of the group (DAUSS ABOGADOS, S.L.P, SCHLAICH DAUSS, S.L.P. and DAUSS SOFTWARE CONSULTING, S.L) with the aim of meeting and satisfying all the needs of their clients. The transfer has been of all the branches of activity of the group, so that from now on it will have concentrated in a single space all the specialties to which DAUSS is dedicated, legal and non-legal.

Image: Lara CampanarioUri Geigle, Iván Mateo BorgeNathalie Kühlmann, and Nils Döhler