All the consultants in Knorr-Bremse subsidiary’s Nasdaq ourney

Knorr-Bremse has sold the majority stake in Düsseldorf-based supplier Kiepe Electric. The intention is for this entity to go public in the United States with the assistance of investment firm Heramba. The multi-part transaction is yet to be finalized.

Initially, Knorr-Bremse divested its subsidiary, Kiepe Electric, known for manufacturing systems for e-buses and trams, to Berlin-based investment company Heramba. However, Knorr-Bremse remains a strategic partner, retaining a 15 percent stake in Kiepe, as stated from Munich. Heramba has also taken over all 550 employees of Kiepe Electric.

Multi-Step Deal As part of the deal, Heramba acquired a German GmbH and a US LLC named Kiepe Electric. In the next phase, the acquisition vehicle, Heramba Electric, will merge with American stock entity Project Energy Reimagined Acquisition Corp. (PERAC) in a De-Spac transaction. Subsequently, the securities of the combined entity are planned for listing on the Nasdaq.

Founded in January 2023, Heramba is based in Berlin and Atlanta, mirroring its US fusion partner PERAC and the investor behind it, Smilodon Capital, focusing on companies contributing to the decarbonization of commercial transportation. The complex transaction involved considerations such as the scheduled De-Spac and the forthcoming US listing, as well as any interim financing by acquisition companies and project financing with corresponding guarantees. The combined company is estimated to be valued at nearly half a billion US dollars, according to press reports.

Advisors for Heramba Electric:

  • Smith Gambrell & Russel (Munich): Dr. Stefan Buske (Munich; pictured, left), Thomas Hong (Atlanta) – well-known in the market
  • Rödl & Partner (Nuremberg): Floran Kaiser (Taxation) – well-known in the market
  • Matheson (Dublin): Fergus Bolster (M&A), Mark O’Sullivan, Philip Tully, Ed James; Associate: Anna O’Carroll (all Tax Law)
  • Latham & Watkins: Nick Dhesi, Ryan Maierson (both Houston), Nils Röver (Hamburg; all Corporate), Matthew Jones (Finance Law), Nicholas DeNovio (Washington), Jared Grimley (Houston), Tobias Klass (Hamburg; all Tax Law), Michelle Carpenter (Los Angeles), Krisa Benskin (Houston), Florian Dehmel (Munich; all Labor Law), Max Hauser (Frankfurt), Jana Dammann de Chapto (Hamburg; both Antitrust Law), Joshua Marnitz (Los Angeles), Joachim Grittmann (Frankfurt; both Environmental Law), Jeffrey Tochner (New York), Susan Kempe-Mueller (Frankfurt; both IP), Gail Crawford (London), Robert Brown (Houston; both Data Protection), Nathan Seltzer (London), Jason Cruise (Washington), Max Hauser (Frankfurt; all Antitrust Law); Associates: Clayton Heery, Vera Bespalov, Ziyad Barghouthy, Melanie von Staa Toledo (all Houston), Chris Freitag, Lena Hummel (both Munich; all Corporate/M&A), Chris Wood, Brian Flynn (both Finance Law; both Houston), Christina Schrantz (Labor Law), Shruti Hazra (both Houston), Julia Wenzel (Hamburg; both Tax Law), Jacqueline Zhang (Environmental Law; Washington), Pelin Serpin, Dewey Kang, Ece Gonulal (all New York), Daniela Jaeger (Frankfurt; all IP), Dalyn Dessaure (Houston), Irina Vasile, Calum Docherty, Kate Burrell (all Data Protection; all London), Christopher Rydberg, Jay Winkelman (both Washington), Markus Welzenbach (Frankfurt; all Antitrust Law)

Advisors for Project Energy Reimagined Acquisition Corp. (PERAC):

  • Greenberg Traurig: Alan Annex (Miami), Michael Helsel (New York; both Corporate) – well-known in the market

Advisors for Knorr Bremse:

  • In-house Legal (Munich): Christian Vornehm (Head of Legal M&A/Antitrust/Finance) – well-known in the market
  • Baker McKenzie (Munich): Dr. Jakub Lorys (Lead, pictured, right), Dr. Tino Marz, Dr. Katharina Stüber, Joachim Ponseck (all Frankfurt), Steven Canner, Mark Mandel, Michelle Heisner, Airi Hammalov (all New York), Piotr Korzynski (Chicago; all Corporate/M&A), Dr. Nicolas Kredel (Antitrust Law; Düsseldorf), Thomas Gierath (Tax Law), Matthias Töke (Finance Law; Frankfurt), Katharina Spenner (Distribution Law), Dr. Florian Thamm (Real Estate Law; Frankfurt), Florian Tannen (IT), Katja Häferer (Frankfurt), Christian Koops (both Labor Law), Dr. Tobias Höfling (Dispute Resolution; Düsseldorf), Manuel Metzner (Finance Law; Frankfurt), Joachim Fröhlich, Dr. Philipp Schütt (both Distribution Law), Dr. Katharina Weiner (Public Law; both Düsseldorf); Associates: Dr. Richard Stefanink (Düsseldorf), Denise Tayler (Frankfurt), Eva Kriechbaumer, Anna Giulia Klaas, Christopher Lapp (all Washington; all Corporate/M&A), Dr. Florian Kotman (Antitrust Law; Düsseldorf), Philipp Thimm, Marta Zuliamis, Esther Kapern, Saskia Ilzhöfer (all Finance Law), Nadine Uhrner, Till Pflug (both Real Estate Law; all Frankfurt), Josephine Becker (IT), Dr. Thomas Seidensticker, Franziska Klippstein (both Labor Law), Tim Robben (Dispute Resolution; Düsseldorf)

Notary: Wicke Herrler (Munich) – well-known in the market